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Post  saeelwen on Sat Mar 26, 2011 2:23 pm

well while storm is still down I figure to give a small bit of information about my characters while playing around on Lionheart with Hitichi my human Assassin, I also have on Lionheart Dulcia Dwarven Marksman, tried the Stoneman don't like them them seem or so slow though problably no slower then the other races but sure seems to be slower.

Anyways back to my characters on Storm. Had a dream a few weeks back that I losely based Darksun on, here's the dream. Parents are both Elves, long black hair, tall slender bodies, (in my dream they both male (I read alot of Yaoi/Slash)don't ask me why other then that) They have some heavy duty enemies, they have been living in a forest protected by a forest spirit. They are in a mystic glade, with the one giving birth, when their enemies penatrate the forest, the father runs back to their camp to get their weapons, makes back to the glade in time for the spirit to raise a barrier around the glade, unforunately the father collapses and dies with an arrow in his back. A few years laterly the birth mother gives the child his fathers sword and tells him it is time for him to explore the world but tell no one who his parents were. The next day birth mother is dead. Child leaves the forest, looks back and sees both parents together, along with the forest spirit, watching him leave to join the world.

Haven't come up with anything yet for the other 3 of my characters which is really sad since Saeelwen and StarLily are both older then him. Though thinking about adding StarLily to the above story as Darksun's twin sister.

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