Congratulations on reaching level 15!

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Congratulations on reaching level 15!

Post  spawntx on Sat Mar 19, 2011 12:10 pm

Congratulations on reaching level 15! Now that you've gotten some battle experience under your belt, you're now able to use the dungeon auto-queue system to get into your first instance - Fort Rotulor!

This system will team you up with other players interested in doing the same things you are - completely automatically! Just hit the "T" key in game, and select which instance you'd like to queue up for. Hit "apply now" in the lower left, and you'll be grouped up soon enough.

By pushing on to level 20, you'll be able to get your first taste of Shard Gear by opening your level 20 supply crate. Shard Gear is a set of gear that is obtainable by slaying elite mobs out in the wild, and obtaining the shards they carry. These shards can be traded in to a set of merchants that you can find by opening your map, and then double clicking on any of the Mystic Vendors. You'll run right to them.

Shard gear has set bonuses for wearing multiple pieces, so kill every elite mob you find and remember to open your supply stash every five levels. Certain levels will grant you even more free shards.

Happy hunting!


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