Congratulations on reaching level 20!

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Congratulations on reaching level 20!

Post  spawntx on Sat Mar 19, 2011 2:40 pm

Congratulations on reaching level 20! You've reached a major milestone with your character in Forsaken World, and from this point on, you will only get more powerful!

By reaching level 20, you have earned your first talent point! You can spend this point in the highly varied talent tree that can be accessed by hitting the "n" key in-game. You'll get another talent point every time you level up, so keep pushing forward and specialize your character down one or more paths!

Additionally, you've also unlocked the ability to enter two instances by now. Fort Rotulor and Emperor's Canyon are both great instances to run to start gearing out your character. Running these dungeons can be as easy as using the dungeon auto-queue system. By hitting the "T" key, you can select which dungeon you would like to run, and hitting the "apply now" button in the lower left. This will automatically group you with similar level players that also want to run the same dungeons as you!

Finally, God's Trial is also available to you now. This daily event is one of the best sources of experience in the game, and is an amazing source of levels and rewards for both you and your pet. You'll also have one of your first opportunities at obtaining gems for your gear!

By reaching level 20, you've opened up the door to numerous ways to progress your character even further. This is just the beginning though, and there are many new challenges with even greater rewards awaiting you at further levels!


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